About Us

IKConsulting Company established in 2011 by M. DIA Issa, is an engineering consultant acting as quantity surveyor and contracting owner assistant. M. DIA has over successful 13 years’ worldwide experience as quantity surveyor. With a wealth of knowledge, he also acquires a deep project management experience all over these years. Listening, Quality, Mastery and Confidence are the pillars of our expertise to meet the requirements of our customers: these are essential characteristics for the success of your projects and for a clear vision of our mission objectives.

The quantity surveyor assesses and measures how much material are required for the project completion.
They estimate cost and deadline while respecting quality of material selection.

The quantity surveyor helps the customer to define accurately his requirements, as well as the development of the operation total budget. Thereafter, he cooperates with the architect from the project beginning up to its delivery. He defines the forecast estimates of building projects and establishes the technical specifications. He advises the customer about the selection of companies, he controls the compliance with the assigned budget

while ensuring a financial control during the work achievement. The quantity surveyor organises, estimates and develops the schedule for new, maintenance and renovation works for his customers interested by management of their property portfolios. His dual skills in construction economy and law allow him to participate to turnkey projects for the development of public facilities.